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Our communications process involves understanding the issues surrounding projects.

We specialise in community engagement surrounding mining, engineering, infrastructure and development projects.


We have almost twenty years experience in working with the Tasmanian media and offices in Grafton and the Gold Coast.

Social Media Management and Listening

We work closely with social media specialist Alysa Baxter to assist clients in understanding and managing their online footprint.

Media Monitoring

We have experience in monitoring the local media dating back to 1996. We actively monitor the media using our personally developed computer system.

We analyse customer’s presence in the media, issues surrounding it to more accurately drive the communications strategies.

Marketing and Brand

Our experience in brand management is complemented by a network of experienced marketing and brand management professionals to help customers define and clearly articulate their brands.

We set up processes to clearly define brands and what makes them fundamentally different from their competitors.

Media Training

Anna McMahon and Richard Gerathy have been providing media and YouTube video training for the past five years.

Government Relations

We have worked in Tasmania for over thirty years and have a broad range of contacts within government and the public services.

Apple Support

Richard Gerathy can provide assistance with any Apple product, IOS or MacOS problem.