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Media Training

Don’t feel terrified in an interview, learn how to use the experience to communicate effectively.

As leaders in business or government from time to time we are all called to appear in the media.

Our role is to help you become effective at communicating your message.

Our training is delivered by highly experienced journalist and TV presenter Anna McMahon and communications professional Richard Gerathy.

We run the training in small groups and it is designed to suit your business or industry.

Anna McMahon and Richard Gerathy carry out the training.


The training provides a broad understanding of how the Tasmanian TV/Radio media works and how to communicate effectively when being interviewed.

The course is aimed at people who are new to media interviews or need to update their skills, it consists of the following:

• Initial radio interview

• Interview review and analysis

• Tasmanian media landscape

• Key issue identification and triage

• Dealing with journalists

• Key message design

• Getting your message across

• Repeat radio interview

• Listen to revised interview

• TV interview

• Review TV interview

• Key takeaways from the training

• How the media operates

• How to deal with journalists

• How to get your message across

• How to present

• Practice real-life radio interviews

• Practice a real-life TV interview